Best Breakfast in Salt Lake City

After six months of planning, it finally happened. We got married! The ceremony and reception were both beautiful. It was an absolutely wonderful day. Although we’ve only been married for a day, I have to say, married life is the bomb! I get to spend my life with my best friend, and that’s a great feeling.
Okay, I’m done with all of the mushiness about the reception. It’s time to talk about our travel plans. We are off to San Juan, Puerto Rico for our honeymoon. We are both ready to sit back, slow down, and relax for a week.
We had a cute little suite
After the wedding reception, we spent the night at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City. The accommodations were wonderful! I was really impressed with our room. The service at the front desk was great (although, it took a while to get through the line). We checked out of our room the next morning and headed out to get breakfast. Our breakfast hunt took us to Penny Ann’s Café. One word: amazing! This little café is a local gem. It is located at 1810 Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84113. As you enter the diner, your nostrils are greeted by the aromatic delight of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Dishes are clinking in the kitchen, and people are laughing. This is the kind of place that you would see in a movie, like Back to the Future. You can’t help but smile when you’re in there. The restaurant was busy, but we got a table as soon as we walked in. We were lucky enough to have a table right by the kitchen, so we got to enjoy watching food emerge from the hot griddles and onto the white plates, as they were immediately whisked off to another happy customer.

The menu has something for everyone. There are classic dishes, like hotcakes and eggs. There are omelets (named after each of the Pac 12 football teams) that can please the simplistic eater or the adventurous one. A customer could also enjoy a spicy smothered burrito. Every meal gives the option of toast or their famous hotcakes.

Our server epitomized the ideal of a local diner. He was cracking jokes and interacting with all of the customers. As we were seated, our waiter was taking the order of a nearby table. Instead of asking, “Toast or Hotcakes?” he asked, “Hotcakes, or Hotcakes?” Penny Ann’s Café takes pride in their amazing hotcakes, and will not let you leave without trying their specialty dish. Trust me, you will not be disappointed by those hotcakes! They are heavenly *insert sigh of blissful hotcakes here*.
Jordan enjoyed the “Pot of Gold,” a dish with sausage, bacon, ham, fried potatoes, two over-easy eggs, and topped with country gravy. The country gravy, combined with the eggs, made an immaculate combination. Madison, on the other hand, kept it pretty basic. She ordered scrambled eggs and fried potatoes, with the side of “heavenly hotcakes.” She jazzed up her hotcakes a little with salted caramel, bananas, and whipped cream. Needless to say, those hotcakes were worthy of a prize. We left this restaurant completely satisfied with our service and food. Penny Ann’s Café should be a solid staple restaurant for anyone seeking delicious breakfast foods in Salt Lake City.
The gentleman on the left was our funny waiter

After enjoying the perfection of our breakfast, we finished packing our suitcases for Puerto Rico. Around 9 p.m., we went to the airport to catch our 12:15 a.m. flight. Yeah, we are going to be really tired by the time we arrive in San Juan tomorrow afternoon. For the time being, we will be reading- a lot. I really hope we get some sleep on the plane.

We picked up some Jimmy Johns sandwiches before going to the airport
I’m really hoping to stay on top of our blog posts while we are in Puerto Rico. We have a lot of fun stuff planned, so you should check back later this week to see what we are up to! If you guys have any recommendations for places to visit or things to eat in Puerto Rico, feel free to leave a comment giving us your suggestion. We are always looking for great local restaurants and unique places to visit.
Until Next Time,
Jordan and Madison

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