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Yangshuo Round 2

Hello friends and family. Long time no see. Life here has been incredibly busy, and as a result, the blog has suffered. After weeks of no posts, I have returned with a new adventure to tell you all about. As a side note, we only have a week and a half until we come home! Our time here has flown by.

When we went to Yangshuo at the beginning of the semester, we knew that we wanted to return. The city is so beautiful and picturesque that you can’t help but love the place. For a time, we weren’t sure if we would return. Luckily, we found a time to make it happen, and I’m so glad we did. This trip to Yangshuo was my favorite of all of our trips in China. While each trip we have taken was full of excitement and wonder, this one was incredibly relaxing, which we desperately needed.
Jordan, Natalie, Laurel, and I arrived in Yangshuo late Friday night. After checking in at the hostel (Sudder Street Hostel - I highly recommend it), we got settled, and then went out for some dinner. Upon arrivi…

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