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Xi'an - Home of the Terra-Cotta Warriors

Xi’an – October 2- October 5
Upon arriving in Xi’an, we were struck by two things. The first was how cold it was. Beijing was somewhat chilly, but Xi’an was much colder. It probably doesn’t help that we have acclimated to the tropical temperatures of Southern China. The other thing we noticed was how much smog there was. Every city we’ve been to in China has a noticeable amount of pollution, however, Xi’an put them all to shame. Xi’an’s pollution was so dense that the air was yellow.

That evening, we checked into our hostel, the Han Tang Inn. It was noisy, as most hostels are, but was fairly clean. We shared a VERY small room with four other people. The absolute best part of the hostel was all of the animals. Yes, Han Tang Inn has a house cat and a housedog. The dog was huge, and super fluffy. He seemed rather sweet, but it was hard to snuggle him, because he always had a muzzle on. I honestly felt bad for the dog. He never had the muzzle off- even when I went down to the lobby at 3…

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