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Homeless 77 – A Story About Kunming

Last week I posted a photo on my Instagram about the fact that we were mildly homeless for a night. Here’s what happened…
Jordan and I went on vacation to the Yunnan Province with a few of our teachers. Our grand scheme was that we would visit the Yuanyang rice terraces. You may recall that our trip to the rice terraces in Guilin was a massive failure, and we were unable to see them. This time, knowing that we needed to make specific arrangements to see them, we bought a hostel on the Yuanyang rice terraces. The hostel looked beautiful, but lacked specific information of how to get there. Naively, we assumed that the hostel would be easy enough to find, so we booked the hostel and the flight. Two days before leaving, we learned that the route to our hostel involved taking a six-hour bus to a village, where we would then take another bus for an hour, and then would take a taxi to the hostel. Still, we remained optimistic that we would be able to find a bus to take us from the Kunming …

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