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How to Survive a Long Flight

Hello All,
Did you miss me? After my last post, I realized that I had a lot more to say about traveling, and general tips in order to have a smoother trip. Therefore, Jordan and I decided that we want to post travel tips more often - which is why this is the second travel tip post this week. Maybe it is redundant, but I think we all can benefit from discussing these things. Anyone who has ever traveled has had great experiences, as well as some unfortunate ones. Those hard experiences can teach valuable lessons, though, and I think that sharing those stories with others is such a great way to teach and to learn. We learn from our mistakes, and help others to not make the same mistakes we did. Some of these tips are blunders that we have made, and some are an accumulation of advice that we have heard from others and have put to use. Now, some of this advice may not be new to you, but maybe you will learn something new. That is my hope, at least.So without further adieu, let’s get int…

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