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Chinese Food and The Chinese Birthday

Hello again,
It’s kind of crazy to think that we’ve been here for over two weeks now. All of our teachers have arrived, and are working super hard. Jordan and I are proud of them. It took two weeks, but we are getting used to the school, the teaching schedule, and the city. One thing we are not getting used to is the food. More specifically: the cafeteria food.
Yes. The food is a real struggle. Jordan and I came here expecting to eat out only on the weekends. We were planning on being really good. Our plan was to make the best of every meal, and to always eat at the cafeteria during the week. That plan died a terrible death very quickly. We are struggling.
I don’t know why all Chinese people love chicken feet so much, but it needs to stop. All of the meat we are served at the cafeteria consists of spare parts of chicken, more specifically- chicken feet. All meat is mostly bone, with a little bit of edible meat. It gets very frustrating. Sadly, chicken feet and bones are on the men…

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